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Q - My son is only 12/13 years old, wouldn't "The Stand" program be more suited to 15 or 16 yr old boys, when they are going through adolescent issues?

A - We believe strongly that at the start of adolescence is the perfect time for our children to receive their "Father's Blessings". This transition into adulthood by securing their identity will set them up for a smoother transition through adolescence. Having said this, any age a Father can speak into his sons life is good.

Q - How do we register for the program?

A - Once your organisation is set up to run the program, you will receive an email with a link to register your interest. 

Q - How do we pay for the program?

A - You will receive an email with a booking link. Once payment is made you will be secured a place in the program.

Q - How will we be kept informed of information during the program?

A - Upon registering your interest, you will be required to provide your email address. This will be the primary means of information sharing. The Stand program also has a Facebook and Instagram account if you would prefer those options too.

Q - Are all the activities safe for my child?

A - A full risk assessment is carried out for all activities with regular checks on all equipment and machinery used. Full, appropriate safety equipment is supplied to all children wear needed for a certain activity. Full supervision is given for all activities.

Q - If Dad is not around, can I still participate in the program?

A - Most definitely! Although if possible, we would need to find and alternate male role model for the duration of the program. Dads/carers are required to be at certain elements and also work with the boy throughout the program in preparation for manhood.