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Welcome to The Stand Academy.

In the modern world, the roles of "Fathers" or "Men" are constantly being challenged or redefined. Being a Father is very rewarding and at the same time very challenging. We are responsible for the protection and provision of our families. As our children navigate adolescence, it can be a turbulent time for families, a time when MEN need to step up and stand firm in their families.

What is a real man? Our definition of a real man is someone that: "Rejects passivity, accepts responsibility and leads courageously." (adapted from Robert Lewis book: Raising a Modern Day Knight)

How do you know you have become a man? We believe in the power of ceremonies, creating memories, affirmation, and significance in the lives of young men at certain times of development. The rite of passage night is always a highlight of the programs.

The Stand Academy have developed a comprehensive boys mentoring program that facilitates boys transitioning into manhood. 

Our mission: Empowering boys to become men that stand secure in their identity and passionately pursue their destiny.

We currently have a Boys identity program in place and are launching the next phase through a "Discovery program" in the near future.

​Have a great day!